Prof. Dr. Alessandro Romeo- Group Leader
Dr. Elisa Artegiani- Researcher (RTdA)
Dr. Simya Olavil Karayi (Post Doc)
Dr. Ikram Anefnaf (Post Doc)
Solidea Zanetti- PhD student
Narges Torabi – PhD Student
Mariyam Mukhtar- PhD Student

Former Collaborators

Dr. Prabeesh Punathil- Post Doc (now at NorthUmbria University, Newcastle, UK).

Dr. Vikash Kumar (now at Sunplugged, Affenhausem, Austria)

Dr. Andrei Salavei (now at ForschungZentrum Juelich, Germany)

Dr. Ivan Rimmaudo (now at CTF-Solar, Leipzig, Germany, formerly at Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute Unidad Merida, Mexico)

Dr. Simone Di Mare (now at FBK-Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Rovereto-Trento, Italy)

Dr. Daniele Menossi (now at First Solar, Ohio, USA, formerly at CTF Solar, Dresden, Germany)

Dr. Om Pal Singh

Mr. Marco Cavallini

Dr. Mauro Leoncini

Mr. Bing Lei

Ms. Valentina Allodi