Flexible thin film devices made at LAPS

Expanding knowledge in solar energy conversion

We are committed to expanding knowledge in the field of renewable energies, in particular for thin film solar cell devices, allowing for flexible high efficiency photovoltaics, a must for building integrated devices. Thin film solar cells have the great advantage of using a very low amount of material, low energy for fabrication and high efficiency resulting to an overall reduced amount of cost per Watt peak. We study state of the art materials such as CdTe, as well as more alternative materials like CZTS or Sb2Se3.
Our job, in comparison to other laboratories, differentiates by not only studying the physical and chemical properties of the material compounds but also to fabricate the finished devices according to the properties of the material obtained.

Knowledge transfer to industry for module production

We are working for transferring the thin film technology to production together with industrial partners, we are well aware that thin film solar cells are made with less energy, less material and faster production resulting in a lower production and final Watt-peak cost. Thanks to this, solar energy will cost even less than with silicon solar cells.

Arendi SpA production line, under the LAPS consultancy (Prof. Romeo was a partner of the company)

Innovative devices and sensors

We are also concentrating on different innovative devices for internet of things (IOT) applications, such as NFC antennas, embedded sensors and so on.

NFC thin film antenna with chip, made at LAPS